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Temple of Abydos

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The Temple of Abydos is situated to the west of El Baliana, which is a city in Sohag Governorate. In ancient times it was called Abdu and the Greeks called it Abydos. The 8th province in ancient Egypt, this area is considered to be amongst the most famous archaeological sites. It was the town were Menna, the unifier of upper and lower Egypt, came from, and from the 11th Dynasty onwards, a burial in Abydos was the ultimate wish, and honour, for any local to have.

The temple of Abydos, severla tombs were found belonging to the 1st and 2nd Dynasties. Also, several Kings built Temples here, including King Ramses II, King Ahmose I, King Seti I and King Pepi I.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the tomb of Osiris, the “God of the Dead”, was situated in Abydos, and it's also where his head was buried.

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