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Hercules, Temple of Bahariya Oasis

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The Temple of Hercules was discovered in October 1996 by Faraq Allah Abdeen, and Inspector at Bahariya. Initially, it was investigated by that local office, and was later excavated by a team led by Dr. Zahi Hawass. It was probably constructed in about the year 21 BC, during the reign of Octavian Augustus. However, We believe that the major deity worshipped in this temple was Hercules, artifacts found within the temple indicate that several of other gods may have been worshipped here, including Thoth, a cow headed Hathor, Pantheos, Apollo, Hermes, Horus, Osiris, Khonsu, Aphrodite, Ra and possibly Serapis.

A Statue of Thoth as a baboon sitting on a chair with his hands resting on his legs was found in 2 pieces, and statuettes of Horus and Hatbor, carved from stone also was discovered at the site. Statuettes made of bronze depicting Aphrodite with the crown of Hathor, and Osiris were also discovered, along with a terracotta head of a bull, probably depicting Serapis.

Today, The temple of Hercules is now almost completely destroyed, however there remains sufficient foundation and other evidence that we may examine the layout of the temple in some detail. The temple was probably approached from an avenue that led to the southern section of the temple. The temple itself was surrounded by a mudbrick and local sandstone wall.

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