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The Karnak Temple

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The Temple of Karnak is the largest Temple in the World!, The temple de karnak contains a group of Temples such as the Great Temple of Amon Ra, the Temple of Montho , The Temple of Ptah, The Ipt Temple, The Temple of Khonso and the Temple of the God Osiris. A 20m high, mud brick enclosure wall, surrounded all of these buildings, really is very beautiful.

The Temple of Amon Ra was known during the Middle Kingdom period as Ipt-Swt, which means the Selected Spot. It was also called Pr-Imn, which means the House of Amon. The name Al Karnak in Arabic was derived from Karnak, which means fortified village, probably because the Arabs found several Temples and buildings in the area when they entered it for first time.

In the route you will find a ram eaded avenue of Sphinxes, which was built to protect the Temple. There are 20 rams on each side, extending from the small harbour to the 1st Pylon, which was built during the time of King Nektanebo I. As you cross this pylon, it takes you into an Open court, whose dimensions are 100m long by 80m wide, built during the 22nd Dynasty, and containing rows of bud papyrus columns.

Horemheb built the 2nd Pylon during the 18th Dynasty, though it is now badly damaged. Ramses I, the founder of the 19th Dynasty, later completed it. Passing the 2nd Pylon, we enter the Great Hypostyle Hall, which measures 103m in length and 52m in width. It contains 134 papyrus columns; each column is about 22m in height and 3.5m in diameter. Amenhotep III built it and Ramses I, Seti I, and Ramses II decorated it, while King Seti I erected the other 122 columns in 14 rows.

The Karnak Temple
The Karnak Temple
The Karnak Temple
The Karnak Temple

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