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The Temple of Seti I

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The Temple of Seti I, was built in the reign of King Seti I. It is unique in design as it is in the shape of an L, and it also contains the most complete lists of Gods and Kings. The Temple of Seti I contains 7 shrines dedicated to 7 Gods: Isis, Horus, Amon Ra, Osiris, Ra HorAkhty and Ptah, and Seti I as a deified King. You will also find the best preserved painted reliefs and texts from the 18th Dynasty.

The Temple was constructed with white marble and once had a large pylon built by Ramses II. The front of the Temple is a square columned facade and there are 12 rectangular pillars with decoration of Ramses II, welcoming the Gods Isis, Osiris and Horus. The Temple originally had 7 gates leading to 7 shrines originally constructed by Seti I, but Ramses II made additional parts to the construction, and only there is one gate open now.

This Temple of the Million Years, being located in Adb el Gurna, is the most northerly of the West Bank temples. It's called (Qasr el Rubaiq) by the locals but in pharaonic times was originally known as "Seti I is Beneficent in the Domain of Amun, which is on the West of Thebes". The temple, which is aligned to the East, was intended to be a companion to the hypostyle hall which Seti had enlarged at Karnak and is built to face it. It is believed that it became the seat of government for the West Bank during and after Seti's reign.

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