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Schools in Egypt

The education is an important force in Egypt’s social and economic development, and it is considered as the essential piece of economic and social behavior in the Middle East and around the Muslim world. Egypt has the largest system of education in the Middle East and North Africa. In the last years, the government of Egypt has taken measures to improve the education system.

In Egypt there are many types of schools; government schools are divided in the Arabic schools that provide an education in Arabic, English and French, and Experimental Language Schools that provide an education in English and French. Private schools offer religious, ordinary, languages and international schools.

Public education system in Egypt

The public education system is divided in three stages:
  • The stage of basic education for people of 4-14 years old;
  • The stage of the high school (three years) for  people of age 15 to 17;
  • Higher education: public universities and post-secondary.
Basic education is compulsory (9 academic years for people of age 6 through 14.)

Military schools  

Military schools in Egypt

The Egyptian military is one of the strongest forces in the Middle East and it is considered as the center of power. Look for military schools in order to pursue a career in the military and become successful after a high training where you’ll end up having good physical, morale and psychological conditions. At the end you will receive a certificate or a bachelor degree in military services. You can be a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force or Air Defense.

Law schools  

Law schools in Egypt

The laws are the base in every society and Egypt is not the exception. Its laws are based on Islamic law and civil law. If you are decided to pursue a career in law, you should look for law schools where you can obtain information about schools with programs that will teach the Egyptian Civil Code, which is the primary source of Civil Law; the Egyptian Judicial System, that includes both secular and religious courts, and the Egyptian State Lawsuits Authority, which defends the public funds and interests of the Egyptian people. When you finish your career, you can obtain a degree in International and Comparative Law, Human Rights or in any other subfield.

Flight schools  

Flight schools in Egypt

Becoming a pilot is an opportunity to become a competent professional. Look for excellent flight schools that are recognized by the High Education Ministry in Egypt, and they are built to directly serve their students who want to fulfill their expectations through training programs that have a focus on international systems and rules. They also teach you several system techniques and equipments for you to earn a certification as a pilot, flight engineer, copilot, or flight instructor.

Pilot schools  

Pilot schools in Egypt

Starting your career as a pilot is a very important decision and you need to find a school that can provide you the necessary aeronautical education. Visit several pilot schools, find training programs that will help you to develop your skills as a pilot. You will be accompanied by experimented instructors, and you will obtain certificates to work as a private pilot or commercial pilot.

Technical schools  

Technical schools in Egypt

In a technical school you can learn all the knowledge and skills required to do practical works. In Egypt the most demanding sectors are industrial, commercial and electrical. Look for technical schools and then choose a school that is near to where you live (unless you want to move out), and fill their requirements. You will obtain a certification or a diploma at the end.

Boarding schools  

Boarding schools in Egypt

In Egypt the education is bounded to religion, so boarding schools are an alternative to provide a high quality education and creating a new generation of leaders. These schools have programs where students learn true spirituality through the development of their responsibilities and activities; they also receive a training and preparation to face different types of situations.

Trade schools  

Trade schools in Egypt

In trade schools you will find a list of schools where you can receive a technical training and learn basic or advanced techniques in aviation, culinary arts, cosmetology, auto mechanics, electricians, medical billing, etcetera. At the end of your trade program you will obtain a certificate in a specific skill that you have acquired to work in a specific industry.

Massage schools  

Massage schools in Egypt

The massage therapy and the reflexology were discovered in Egypt and they were passed from generation to generation. You can learn about these healing sciences in massage schools where you find a variety of options to pursue this career and learn about techniques with experimented instructors. In a short time you will obtain a natural health degree to working spas, salons or start your own business.

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