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Marinas in Egypt

A port is a place on the coast or on the shores of a navigable river, built especially for mooring boats and enjoying recreational sports. That is why, thanks to the location of Egypt, the government opted to provide quality tourism in coastal areas, thatís why there are many marinas, the most notably marinas are port of Alexandria, port of Damietta, Port Said and Port Suez which are at the same level of quality that the Europe Marinas.

Port of Alexandria

This port is located on the western edge of the Nile Delta between the Mediterranean Sea and Mariut lake in Alexandria, which nowadays is considered the second most important city in Egypt after Cairo, and the country's main port because that handles more than three quarters of the country's foreign trade. Here you can find many boats, from small to big ones.

Damietta Port

It is located to 8.5 km west of the Nile to the west of the Damietta branch of Ras El-Bar, and is 70 km away from Port Said. Its facilities are spread over an area of 11.8 square kilometers and are surrounded by an imaginary line connecting the eastern and western breakwaters, creating a unique landscape.

Port Said

This port is limited to the sea, by an imaginary line between the western edge of the breakwater to the eastern end of the jetty, And by the Suez Canal Zone that is bordered by an imaginary line extending transversely from the southern shore of the Canal connected to Lake Manzala.

Suez port

It is located to the south of Suez Canal. It is surrounded by the imaginary line extending from Ras-El-Adabieh to Moussa sources, including the north coast to the entrance of the Suez Canal.

BMI of Women and Men

The body mass index or BMI is a number that is calculated as weight in kilograms and dividing by height in meters squared. The Centers for Disease Control indicates that the IMC provides a reliable indicator of body fat for most people and is used for detecting the weight categories that may lead to health problems, here you will find a bmi calculator of women. There are some differences between women and men, in men the average BMI is 26, and for women BMI of 30.

Diving Shools in egypt

Virtually the entire Egyptian Red Sea coast is enabled for diving. According to the prestigious magazine Wannadive, Egypt has 4 of the 10 best dives in the world. Given the diversity and the distance between the diving sites, to explore all we must make several trips along the coast and choose where we want to dive.

The warm sea, along with its diverse coral reefs and abundant variety of fish, attracts many fans and visitors. Marine life can be explored by everyone from casual to experienced divers, since there are the various diving schools and diving instructors that provide courses and organize wonderful expeditions.

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