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Translations in Egypt

What is the official language of Egypt?

Egyptian people speak many languages: Egyptian Arabic, Sa’idi Arabic, Sudanese Arabic, Siwi, Beja and others, but the official language in the Arab Republic of Egypt is Modern Standard Arabic. Therefore, you will find lots of Arabic dialects when you look for a professional translation in Egypt.

Egypt is considered in the “Next 11” emerging markets in the world, they are considered a great option to make businesses in the next years, which makes a lot of people interested in being translators of this language, independently or as part of a translation company.

What options do I have for a translation in Egypt?

There are many translation companies in Egypt that offer different kind of services for an Arabic translation. You can also find an independent translator offering the same service as a translation company; most of the times, independent translators offer better services than companies but they advertise by themselves and many potential clients never hear about them.

Everybody wants to know about the price for a translation; in this country all the prices are becoming standard, but when you look for a translation, choose by the quality of the service they offer; because otherwise you’d be better off with a poor translation, which are free. These translations have many mistakes and usually change the real meaning of your text.

Translators who speak this language as their native tongue can translate Arabic like no one else. Most people and translation companies look for Egyptians who have a native or near native level of English to make translations of good quality, and no mistakes in you texts. Companies highlight this as reason of their high quality service.

How do I know when a translator made a good work?

You also have to be sure about the quality of translation when you look for someone to translate your texts. A good translator rewrites the complete text in another language; making a translation of the text meaning, not its words. You will find many translators that make literal translations, making the text look unnatural because the source language won’t have the same structure as the language of translation. You will also find translators that translate adding his/her own ideas.

Keep in mind these advices if you are looking for a translation or are interested in becoming a translator.

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