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Egypt Travel Guide

When to go Egypt?

Take into account holidays when arranging your itinerary. However, like in nobody of Muslim countries, businesses close on Fridays. Also, close during the afternoon on holidays, but are normally open in the morning. The most important event is Ramadan, the annual month long fast during which Muslims abstain from drink and food from dawn to dusk. In this time, several restaurants are closed until sundown, shops may be open for a few hours in the morning and a short time after iftar, the breaking of the fast.

Egypt’s high and low seasons by region

To take into account, Egypt’s high and low seasons depend partly on the region:

• Cairo is a year-round mob scene, while summertime is party time in Alexandria and on the Mediterranean and Red Sea beaches.
• In the Sinai, Oases, and Upper Egypt, reasonable temperatures make winter the high season, but younger travelers revel in summertime bargains despite the extreme heat.
• In southern Egypt, summer temperatures often reach 49°C (120°F) and can push 55°C (131°F). Fortunately, it’s dry—your body’s cooling system should know what to do. Winter brings perfect weather across the country.
• In arid Cairo, pollution makes summer afternoons hellish. Alexandria is temperate year-round, though quite humid. The Red Sea coast is comfortably warm in winter and hot but dry in summer; higher elevations in the Sinai can be freezing in winter and on summer nights.

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