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The city of Cairo have habitually, work possibilities for teaching English as a foreign language, modelling or journalism, while the American University in Cairo is a rewarding if expensive place to study Arabic, Middle Eastern affairs or Egyptology. Also, you might find work as a tour rep or salesperson at one of the main resorts, as a diving instructor in Hurghada or Sinai, or a belly dancer in a hotel nightclub.


The town of Cairo has been the center for several journalistic careers, because is easy to place work with the local English language media. Egypt actually takes photos and travel articles, while the Egyptian Gazette may need subeditors from time to time. International press agencies may also accept material and possibly employ stringers.

Teaching English

Actually there are work in Cairo or Alexandria, where there are several private language schools, generally catering to adults. There is quite a big market for people wanting to learn both conversational and business English.

You can visit the British Council, 192 Corniche el-Nil, Aguza, Cairo (tel 02/344-8445). Alexandria (tel 03/482-0199, e-mail: An RSA TEFL certificate is required for jobs at the British Council, who recruit most of their staff in Britain (head office: 10 Spring Gardens, London SW1; tel 020/7930 8466).


The American University in Cairo, offers year abroad and non-degree programmes, a summer school and intensive Arabic courses. A full year's tuition costs roughly US$12,000. US citizens may apply to the Stafford Loan Program.

Foreign students may also attend 1 or 2 term programmes at 3 Egyptian universities: Al-Azhar, Ain Shams and Cairo. These are valid for transferable credits at most American and some British universities. In the US, contact the Egyptian Cultural, 1303 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036 (tel 202/296-3888).

Acting and modelling

Westerners are often required as extras in TV shows, Egyptian films or advertisements. Not is necessary to be a professional model, nor are you paid like one: this is simply a day-to-day job. for about £E40-50 a day. You can make contact with agents at the New Sun Café in Cairo. Women should keep their wits about them - and preferably a male escort.


The amount of jobs in the tourism field are restricted to Egyptian nationals, and locally based companies usually insist on a work permit,also you can sometimes fix up a season's work with a foreign tour operator abroad as a rep or tour guide.

In Luxor, Sinai and Hurghada there may be a demand for people with foreign languages to sell dive courses or work on hotel reception desks. The most useful languages to have are German, Japanese, Italian, French, or Russian (the last only in Hurghada).

Diving instructors

Several with Divemaster or Instructor certificates can often find work with diving centres in Sinai or Hurghada, which may also take on less qualified staff and let them learn on the job, but you should be wary about surrendering your passport, and ask other foreigners working in the same job about the potential drawbacks.


There are much in demand in nightclubs in Hurghada, Luxor, Alexandria and Cairo. The work can be well paid, but you have to be careful, sexual or financial exploitation are real hazards.

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